Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal should have said nothing !

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal is one of the most wealthy Saudi princes who wants to take over the Saudi Kingdom. He wants it so bad that he was lobbying many American politicians to buy into power. The problem is:

He hates Trump with all of his guts.


He knows that the current king “Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud wants to give his throne to his son “Mohammad bin Salman”. Another thing he knows is that he is much disadvantaged when it comes to the coveted Saudi throne because the king Salaman can work out a deal with government presidents to keep his status in exchange for loyalty.

And he has been loyal for a VERY long time except for few occasions.

Pr.Trump with King Salman in Saudi festival


Obviously, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal has to hate Donald Trump even more than other American presidents because Trump is very supportive of the planned succession for Mohammad bin Salman. Plus American President Donald Trump and Mohammad bin Salman have a BIG deal coming up negotiated by Jared Kushner; Trump’s son in law. This deal for America is too important for America and sadly for Prince Alwaleed Talal wasn’t invited.


On November 11 2015, Prince Alwaleed Talal expresses his burning pent-up emotion to President Donald Trum


On the same day, in response to Prince Alwaleed’s tweet, Trump replies:

I guess President Donald Trump knew Prince Alwaleed Talal was lobbying American politicians so that he won’t get the American presidency which will kill any chance of him go near the Saudi Arabia’s throne.


On January 20 2017, out of nowhere Donald Trump become the 45th president of the United States.

 In less than a year, he manages to do what he says he will do when he gets to be the president.


On November 6 2017, President Trump delivers a blow !


On November 8th 2017

Less than 2 days since Trump’s tweet, begins the so called “2017 Saudi Arabian purge” of nearly 200 princes initiated by President Donald Trump inside the beautiful Ritz-Carlton hotel where President Trump stayed himself for his Saudi visit.

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The results of 2017 Saudi Purge are coming in now. Included with other 200 princes is Prince Alwaleed Bin Tala.

On Jan 6th 2018, Reuter reports Prince Alwaleed bin Talal detained and released by paying.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal was too greedy for a DEAL TOO IMPORTANT that American government led by Trump,  plus Kushner and soon-to be King Mohammad bin Salman was planning. The lesson learned here is “In business, timing is everything !”.

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