List of South Korean politicians selling out global security for China Money

List of South Korean politicians selling out global security for China Money


1. Im Jong-Seok

Im Jong-Seok is an Ex-student activist who worked all of his life for communist North Korea. He was sentenced to jail on account of a breach of national security for South Korea. He has also been accused many times over illegally sending money to North Korea, something the UN is strictly controlling.

Timeline of Im Jong-Seok (A.K.A Lim Jong-Seok)

1989: He serves as 3rd chairman for National university student activism representative council (전국대학생대표자협의회).

His motto was “National/Ethnic liberation” and “Anti-American Imperialism”, ideologies derived from Marxism

National university student activism representative council (전국대학생대표자협의회)  is Marxist inspired socialist student movement started in 1987. North Korea was in full support of these student led protests as they caused political tensions in South Korea.

1991: Im Jong Seok illegally sends Lim Su-kyung to North Korea and gets a jail sentence of 5 years.

Im Jong-Seok sent Lim Su-Kyung to North Korea illegally through Japan, then-communist East Germany and eventually to North Korea.

Im Su-Kyung meeting with Kim Il-Sung after illegally smuggling into North Korea.

 December 11, 2017:Im Jong-Seok meets with Michel Aoun; the president of Lebanon backed by a terrorist group Hezbollah





2. Moon Jae-In

President Moon Jae-In does not directly come out and say “He is Anti-American.” However evidence over the years proves over and over that he wants to defend the interest of North Korea and Chinese government. Not surprisingly, he has handpicked Im Jong-Seok who worked for North Korea all of his life as his presidential secretary to act on his behalf. To defend the interests of China and North Korea possibly Lebanon, he attempts not to cooperate whenever given changes.

Timeline of Moon Jae-In

March 8, 2017: Moon Jae-In with another Anti-American politician “Ahn Cheol-soo” is shouting “Instant withdraw of THAAD Missile System”. THAAD Missile System; A military project singed by President Park needed to protect the American troops and South Korea president against North Korea ICBM attacks.

The banner the President Moon is holding reads “Instant Withdraw of Thadd Missile System”


3. Chu Mi-ae

A typical Pro-Chinese communist democrat politician.

Timeline of Chu Mi-ae

October 10, 2017: Chu Mi-ae makes a makes a statement based on communist ideology saying “The government must have the ultimate rights to posses the land, and the people should be give the rights to use the land, like it is in China.”

December 5, 2017: Chu Mi-ae attended “Communist Party of China (CPC) in Dialogue with World Political Parties High-level Meeting”.



4. Park Won-Soon

Park Won-Soon is the mayor of capital city of South Korea; Seoul. Yes he is Pro-Chinese.

Timeline of Chu Mi-ae

August 5, 2015:We (South Koreans) should stick to China like a fly will stick to a horse ! (박원순 “파리가 말에 붙어 가듯 우린 중국 붙어야”)

May 18, 2013:Sinophile leader Park Won Soon, Seoul City Mayor, threatening his citizens’ health, security and life (서울시민을 위협하는 박원순에 대한 5가지 분석-영문판)




Many more Anti-American politicians to come….

*Dear American government officials, Western media and intelligence sources, many of  Anti-American protests are being financed by China. The Chinese government has been buying South Korean politicians to be Anti-American. The bought-out South Korea politicians then work with local protests groups to put up with demonstrations shouting “National liberation”, “Say NO to FTA”, “Anti-American, Anti-Imperialism”. These groups then target especially the younger population as they are more naive and easily influenced to do what they are told not knowing the motives behind these demonstrations. Finally, remember that Chinese-financed Anti-American protests of South Korea do not at all reflect the opinions of all South Korean people. On the contrary, there is a bigger population with conservative views who want to enforce their alliance with America and Western nations.

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