Park Won-Soon, city mayor of Seoul is a terrorist fundraiser for North Korea

Park Won-Soon, liberal/communist city mayor of Seoul is a terrorist fundraiser for North Korea

North Korea which has been declared two times a state sponsor of terrorists in 2017 by President Donald Trump has several sources of money flow from within the Korean peninsula; Groups led by the democratic party Korea, such as Interkorea Group led by a Pro-North Korean terror sponsor; Im Jong-Seok.

The liberal but really communist city mayor of Seoul called “Park Won Soon” is an active terror fund raiser for North Korea. During a speech given to Dongguk University students, he said “We need at least ten Kaesong Industrial Complexs“. “Kaesong Industrial Complex” has been shut down in 2016 during presidency of President Park.

He is purchasing a product made from the Kaesong Industrial Complex

The problem with the Kaesong Industrial Complex is very simple. The money earned from Kaeson Industrial Complex is meant to go to North Korean citizens. However, it simply does not. Like I said in many other articles. The money goes to high ranking officials, and nuclear missile projects. Communists like Park Won-Soon must be declared a person sponsor of global terrorists because they do so knowing fully what things like Kaeson Industrial Complex is doing.

The person on the right was a defector from North Korea who worked as a researcher for Kim Jung Eun’s secret laboratory. According to him, all the money that comes from South does not reach ordinary citizens of North Korea but in stead, gets distributed to only high ranking officials.


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