Why the Western media is so dumb about South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In

Why the Western media is so dumb about South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In

President Moon Jae-In is another leftist communist Chinese friendly politician who does not want to cooperate with America. When asked about joining the South Korea and Japanese military exercise led by America, he refused by saying “I don’t think South Korea and Japan are at that stage yet.”. By simply not cooperating with current alliance with America, he is doing so for the interest of the communist forces; North Korea led by China. Not only is president Moon Jae-In not encourage peace, he is putting the South Korean and Japanese people in danger.

South Korean presidential front runner Moon Jae-in says he opposes homosexuality but does not care about the security of his citizens

His way of peace is again the failed “Sunshine policy”. The Sunshine policy was a diplomatic policy that has been criticized many times since another Pro-North Korean leftist President “Kim Dae-Jung”. The president “Kim Dae-Jung” has sent millions of dollars to North Korea saying it will support the poor people of North Korea. However any source of income to North Korea especially the official source of financial support goes to few high ranking officials of North Korea.

Former leftist president Kim Dae-Jungl the founder of Sunshine policy


Moon Jae-In’s peaceful way or the failed sunshine policy is simply giving financial support to failing North Korean regime. In return, the North Korean leaders take the money meant for the North Korean citizens and in stead continue to finance their nuclear missile project.

I would like to ask the Western media,

  • Do you really like to see more presidents from the democratic parties of South Korea ?(or may I say Chinese friendly communist parties of South Korea) ?
  • Do you like politicians that constantly support peacefully the North Korean regime with whatever means despite the UN sanctions like the current secretary of President Moon Jae-In and in return get threatened all the time for yourself and family.
  • If so,Western media including leftist South Korean media have backdone or self-worth to stand against these threats coming from commies.


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