Why Moon Jae-In’s failing sunshine policy should be called “Moonshine policy”.

Moon Jae-In’s sunshine policy is going to put the West in danger

Moon Jae-in is another leftist Pro-North Korean president backed by Chinese money just like his precedents; Kim Dae Jung and Roh Moo Hyun. The failed sunshine policy is not only failing at economically helping the North Korean citizens which is what it was meant to do but also funding the terrorist activities around the globe. First, started by Pro-North Korean, leftist president Kim Dae-Jung who even won the noble prize for peace (The noble price for peace should actually be named “Noble prize for global terrorism). South Korea and America have given up billions of dollars to North Korean leaders and high ranking officials to continue to support their terror activities in Iran, Lebanon and their ultimate deal: ICBM. The West, (No not you leftist France and Britain but I mean America and Japan) need to recognize the sunshine policy is funding terrorist activities which are putting innocent people in danger around the globe.

In 2017, a Non-pussy President called “Trump” has rightfully declared North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorists.


Since Moon Jae-In’s election after organizing impeachment of President Park with Chinese support,

Here are three things he kept trying at and even cheating.

  1. South Korea’s Moon says cannot recognize North Korea as nuclear state. By not recognizing North Korea as a nuclear state, he wants to bring the peace talk despite seven consecutive threats from North Korea in 2017. (He is pursuing the third clause of the failed and failing sunshine policy: The South actively seeks cooperation and promote reconciliation)
  2. Moon Jae-In during his interview with CNN says “he will not try to absorb North Korea anyway”. One of ways that South Korea want to pursue is absorbing North Korean economy after its collapse. (This is the second clause of the sunshine policy: The South will not attempt to absorb the North in any way)
  3. “No armed provocation by the North will be tolerated” is the first clause of the Sunshine policy. However, just in 2017 alone, there has been numerous missile threats from the North. Why is he then tolerating. He is cheating his failed “sunshine policy”. Is this perhaps “Moonshine policy” ?


North Korea and South Korea have failed at all of the three clauses of the sunshine policy. This policy of accommodation, sucking up to communist forces like China and North Korea and even kowtowing to them should now be named “Moonshine” policy. 


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