Young South Koreans burning the photos of Kim Jong Un on social media against Moon Jae-In’s communist Olympics to accommodate North Korea

Young South Koreans burning the photos of Kim Jong-Un on social media against olympics led by Moon Jae-In

“I am a proud and free citizen of South Korea” says a young South Korean angered by South Korean government’s move to accommodate the North.

Burning the photos of Kim Jung-Un among young Korean population is become popular on SNS. On the 22nd, some NGOs held public demonstrations where they  burned photos of Kim Jong-Un and flags of North Korea at the Seoul Station Plaza, spurred by the visit of North Korea’s Hyon Song-Wol.

However as the news that the South Korean government and its police is planning to investigate them for defamation and started investigating on account of violations of laws regarding public protests, youths in their 20s and 30s are rising to practice “Burning Kim Jong-Un to death” as a freedom campaign in South Korea.

Young people filmed themselves saying short mottos such as “I am a Korean citizen”, “Korea is a free country”, “I am the father of a child”, “I am a husband of a woman” and burned the photo of Kim Jung-Un. The videos that were posted on SNS networks spurred the free Korea campaign rally.

It was Mr. Park, a young start-up entrepreneur in Yongsan Itaewon, Jung Min-Woo; the CEO of “왕국의 역습“, Im Yeun-Jung; an entrepreneur in music industry started the “Burning Kim Jung-Un to death” freedom relay campaign on SNS. Among the netizens of South Korea, the campaign is gaining unpresented popularity and it is spreading fast.

Mr. Park deplored saying “I don’t know if I am living in South Korea or North Korea anymore”. He also explained why he started the campaign saying “This freedom we have today in South Korea was fought for with the blood of our ancestors at great cost of their lives, I could not just sit and watch anymore and felt that I had to do something !”.

Mr.Park also ranted that “We incinerated photos of Kim Jung-Un; our common enemy but how can the police of South Korea threaten us with investigations on account of defamation ?”. He also explained that anther reason to have joined the campaign was that “our current government regime (led by Moon Jae-In) which does not have freedom of expression must be stopped.

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Mr.Park revealed that even at the risk of our lives, we are going to continue our freedom campaign to pass over the freedom he enjoys in South Korea to his children.

North Korean regime angered by “Performance of Incineration of photos of Kim Jung-Un, and flags of North Korea at Seoul Station on 22th” claimed that the South Korean government must apologise to the North and prosecute the people who performed such an act.

According to Chosun Ilbo on 23rd this year, The government of South Korea has strongly suggested to Tae Young-Ho; a former North Korean government official who defected from North that he minimize his activities during the Olympics and ordered the Navy of South Korea and minister of defense to be silent about the assassination plan about Kim Jung-Un, and the implementation of F-35A.

With ten days left before the Olympics, the South Korean government is busy only accommodating to unfair demands of North Korea and also to not anger Kim Jung In.

However, the South Korean government must seriously consider that the more accommodating the South Korean government is to the north, the more embarrassment and shame the South Korean citizens will have to experience.

At the moment, children, wives, and even busy workers are participating in the campaign.


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