Is Moon Jae-In a commie ? Pictures show many South Korean citizens think likewise…

Pictures that show what South Koreans think about communist Moon Jae-In of South Korea

Moon Jae-In is now called Korea’s commie by South China Morning Post. The nickname given to Moon however justifies his past actions and his current regime policy to accommodate North Korea and China. The claim that Moon is a commie however is not a new one. Even before his election, many were speculating his political stance to be communist. After his rigged election, he chose an ex-prisoner and student activist Im Jong-Seok to be his secretary. The decision to have chosen Im Jong-Seok has proved to South Korean public that he really is a commie.


This picture is a satire to criticize his political policies and publicity to brainwash South Korean youths. It shows South Korean youths treating Moon as if it is God which is what happens in many communist states such as worshiping of Kim’s family in the North.

This Photoshop artwork replaced Moon’s face with Kim Jung On’s face to show that he is a commie. The writing in Korean reads “I will be the president that will take care of security.” However Moon since election has crippled National Security Service of South Korea in order to cut off ties with American alliance and allow North Korea spies to run free in South Korea.


This Photoshop work is straightforward. Moon Jae-In is a pet for Kim Jung On. The picture criticizes Moon’s accommodation of North Korea while putting South Koreans at risk of security.


Kim Jung On and Moon Jae-In face put together.


This artwork shows he is a commie military general of North Korea.

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