Leader of democratic party of South Korea goes to China’s global communist party

Communist South Korean politician “Chu Mi-Ae” attends a global communist party to give speech

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday unveiled his confidence in the Chinese Communist Party system by gathering political parties around the world at 19th International Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties held by Chinese

The Chinese Communist Party and the World Political Parties High-Level Dialogue entered a three-day schedule starting with a speech by the city’s president at the People’s Congress in Beijing.

“The Communist Party of China will try to build a community of humanity under the ideology of being the same people,” he said in his opening speech. We are pleased to work with you and see the theory applied into action. “

He said, “One belt one road is for the realization of the humanity’s theory, and the fate of humanity and the fate of each country are linked together and it is through this ideology that (China) is trying to make one harmonious family”He said.

“The Communist Party of China has been the largest political party in the world because of its efforts to advance the people and humanity,” said President Xi Jinping. “The Communist Party of China will contribute to world peace and stability and will not ever expand without pursuing supremacy.He emphasized that a nation must threaten the security of other nations for its own security. “

This event, which will be held for the first time since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, will be held on the theme of ‘Building Humanity’s Destiny Community and Building a Beautiful World: Responsibilities of the Party’ More than 460 directors from the organization attended.

The North Korean delegation was absent. There were no representatives of North Korea on the list of 462 people listed in the event booklet. In the seat for the ambassador in the middle of the week, the North Korean ambassador was not seen at all.

South Korean politician;  Chu Mi-Ae  in the liberal Democratic Party expressed her intention to meet with the head of the Commerce Department of Central Party School of the Communist Party of China on the previous day. Chu Mi-Ae attended the opening ceremony of the day and met with President Xi for photos but was not given time to engage in a conversation. 

Leader of South Korea’s democratic party is giving a speech at the Global Communist Party

Chu said, “The message prepared at the party level will be delivered at a dinner hosted by the Wang Fing Ning Political Bureau’s Executive Committee after the first meeting.” He will give a keynote speech at the second plenary session on the 3rd.

In South Korea, Chu Mi-Ae from the democratic party of Korea has been heavily criticized  to have given speeches on domestic policies in praise of communist state ideology and practices such as Government’s repossession of land.

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