Leftists of South Korea are communists and why it matters to America

Leftists of South Korea

what the leftists South Koreans want and do not want

Leftists leaders of South Korea love Chinese money

President Moon Jae-In invests $10 billion dollars to China despite China’s unfair economic sanctions over THAAD and technology thefts that happen every year


Yes, they are communists or very close to communist Chinese

Communist South Korea politician Chu Mi-Ae attended the19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China held in Bejing in 2017


No, they do not like the rich and want to destroy the Chaebol or anything that resembles.

They believe in strict equality and fairness in all things !

Mayor of Seongnam is seen declaring war on “Chaebol families” and conservatives at his 15th Finger Revolution Party


Their stance on the deployment of THAAD defense system ?

Say no to THAAD ! why ?

because they are anti-imperialists ! and Carl Marx taught them well, or they are just very well self-taught.

Members of Peace and Reunification (평통사) members are performing against the Korean THAAD placement at the rally against the placement of the THAAD in Seoul, South Korea on the afternoon of the 16th.

Why is Obama there ? Oh is it because he loves peace and communist way of reunification of the two Koreas ?

“NO THAAD” says People’s United Party


The famous pro-democrat politician wants to stop and shut down THAAD completely !

Pro-North Korean mayor of SeongNam: Lee Jae-Myoung says “If I become the president of South Korea, I will shut down THADD Deployment !”


They love North Korea, They want to support North Korea despite the starving and inhumane treatment of ordinary North Korean citizens

Moon Jae-In wants to be part of North Korea’s Winter Olympics propaganda


They were all former socialist moment activists who longed for Juchae Ideology which worships Kim Jong-Un as God !


They want to destroy military alliance with the US, and they make it very clear !

Are they playing tug of war with an American soldier ?



In summary,

Leftist South Koreans are anti-American imperialism, Pro-North Korea and China also wants to be a regional imperialist,  anti-religion and especially Christians. therefore they have to be against American military bases in South Korea, they have to accommodate North Korea’s agenda to reunify with South Korea their way or the communist way. They are anti-business especially Chaebol Groups like Samsung.




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