Seoul City Mayor, Park Won Soon says “South Korea Must Stick to China Like A Fly To Horse Bottom

Seoul City Mayor, Park Won Soon says “South Korea Must Stick to China Like A Fly To Horse Bottom

China’s role very important to improve relation between South and North Korea

Park Won Soon (Left) is shaking hands with China’s foreign affairs minister on 4th August 2015 in Beijing China.

Park Won-soon, the Mayor of Seoul, said, “If we ride on the growth of China, it will be profitable for us too”. With the statement, he used an metaphor which described South Korea as a fly which must stick to the bottom of a horse.

Mayor Park  who traveled to China to promote tourism since the last two days held a press conference in Beijing on the same day and said, “President Xi Jinping’s One Road One belt symbolizes China’s growth, prosperity and conquest of the world.

He added saying that “the City of Seoul and the Republic of Korea should make good use of China.”

Mayor Park emphasized the matter saying, “Then we have nothing to lose. It is a great opportunity to grow the economy of republic of Korea that has been in a standstill.”

He said, “In fact, the trade size with China is almost double the trade with the US now. Even as of now, China is still growing at seven percent. As China grows, the market that Korea can export to will be much bigger”. For that reason he argued that “South Korea must follow China”.

Regarding the growing anti-China sentiment from South Korea coming from rapid growth of China, he responded, “many media and scholars are fearful of the economic growth of (China). However, he emphasized that “there is no need to be fearful of it and it is very important to have a strategic outlook.”

“At the Central (Chinese) government, the South Korean government and the North Korean regime are in a very difficult situation” and “When the relations with North Korea improves, the role of China will be a very important one” said Mayor Park Won Soon.

“China is bound to play an important role among the participants in the six-party talks,” he said. “It depends on the attitude of the Chinese government.” 

Mayor Park suggested that “We should also invite the mayor of Pyongyang and have a meeting”, when he met with the Minister of Land, Resources called  Kang Dae-Myung who he became acquainted with when staying in Shandong.

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