President Moon Jae-In finally discloses “New York Sexual Harassment Incident”

A government worker in charge of communication during President Moon’s New York Visit admits to sexually harassing a local intern.

Regarding sexual harassment of incident during New York Visit, the The Blue House said late on Monday that “it had taken steps to investigate the person in September last year and that the government worker was also barred from his position for three months.”

However, the Blue House did not disclose the details of the investigation or the identification of the sexual harasser in question at the time of the investigation, saying, “Secondary damage to sexual harassment victims may occur.” President Moon was reported immediately after the incident, The Blue House stated.

President Moon Jae-In was seen on a tour through New York City with his team on August 2017

In response to the Sexual harassment incident in New York, The Blue House officials met with reporters on the day and explained “We had immediately returned the government work in question and had carried out an intensive investigation.”

When asked about the reason for keeping the incident private until now, an official responded “The victim and her family asked not to be identified publicly, and there was also an issue of violation for their privacy.” He added that “In the process of investigation and discipline, the opinions of the victim and the family were collected and there was no objection.”

According to other government officials, the worker in question was dispatched by the Blue House to be in charge of communications in the United States with his team to support the President’s visit to the US.  It is reported that during the visit, he approached an female intern recruited in the US, saying “Let’s dance together” under the influence of alcohol.

Kim Sung-tae, a member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party said, “If Mr Moon wants to express criticism for sexual harassment, then he should not have hid the sexual harassment after the New York Visit.”

A Spokesperson of Kwon Sung-Ju from the Bareun Party criticized by saying “the current Moon’s regime which had made such a fuss when Yoon Chang-Jung; former President Park Geun Hye’s press spokesperson was accused of sexual harassment during his visit to the United States has basically the done same thing. Worse yet, he wants to cover it up.

Kim Jung-Hwa;  a spokesman of the People’s Party said, “After incident, the president and his team announced various measures, and yet they can’t control their own team, how effective are the measures going to be ?”

The Democratic Party did not offer any explanation for the statements made from other parties.

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