South Korea holds an anti-China concert

Japan currently full of jobs, however South Korea experiencing soaring unemployment rate, Moon Jae-In’s China friendly regime at the point of bankruptcy  

On Saturday 24th February, an anti-China polticial event took place at Gwanghwamun. The concert was hosted by the Korea Institute for National Unification (자유통일문화원) founded by Lee Ae-Ran. The motto of the concert was  “let’s go to Manchuria”.
The main slogan shouted at the concert was “From Jeju, Korea to Manchuria, Korea! Let’s Go Together!”, and the main motive behind the concert ‘Korean Fighting Against China’.
In the days of Syngman Rhee and Chun Doo Hwan, our national motto “South Korea’s unification of the North” had always been shouted, however these important motto have been completely forgotten from South Korean citizens since the democratic parties have come into charge of Korean regime.
Hearing these motto after so many decades, I was very delighted to hear the same motto such as “North Korean reunification”  and “Manchu restoration”.
On Thursday, 1st March, many political organizations representing the conservatives held large-size events at Seoul Station, City Hall, and Gwanghwamun.
As suspicions grow about the political stance of the current regime, current national motto has shifted to”resignation of Moon Jae-In’s regime” and “Impeachment of Moon Jae-In”, compared to previous Taegeukgi protests. It seems that the protesters of liberal democracy expressed a strong will to resist.
▲ Journalist Sung Sang Hoon from Global Defense News (left) and professor Kim Jung Min (right) at Anti-China protest
▲ Journalist Sung Sang Hoon from Global Defense News (left) and professor Kim Jung Min (right) at Anti-China protest
▲ Protesters holding signs that say “China Out”
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Many citizens who have not known the true motive of the candlelight vigils have gathered outside again after realizing that the political party behind the impeachment of President Park is not based politically on liberal democracy after watching Moon Jae-In regime’s North accommodation diplomacy towards North Korea during the Winder Olympics of 2018.
In other words, the motivation behind the anti-china concert is understood as an expression of active opposition to pro-North Korean diplomacy and political factions who want to disseminate liberal democracy in Korea.
While the current ruling political party has shown friendly diplomatic attitude toward communist China and a subordinate attitude toward North Korea, they have been unflinchingly promoting anti-American policies and sentiments such as ridiculous counter-measures against the US. It is for these diplomatic reasons that the citizens of South Korea have come out to protest once again.


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