Who was really behind South Korea’s former president Park Gyeun-Hye and why ? | Professor Kim Jung Min’s international relations

 What was the real motive behind impeachment of Park Gyeun Hye ?

Professor Kim Jung Min talks about the following people and groups in Asia Pacific and describe them all together as international communists. All of these following groups are Pro-Chinese and Pro-North Korea and they were the main groups behind the impeachment of Former President Park Gyeun-Hye.

1. Chongryon (조청련)

2. Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union (전교조)

3. Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (민주노총)

4. JR Labor Union

5. Chinese university student led by Chinese Communist Government


According to Professor Kim Jung Kim, the motives behind the impeachment of former President Park Gyeun-Hye are the following:

1. To get rid of South Korea’s close tie with America

2. To get rid of South Korea’s foreign policies that go against the interests of China and North Korea

3. To undermine and de-militarize American military bases in South Korea and Japan 4. To jeopardize relations between South Korea and Japan.


The following video content was made by YouTube Channel “자유미디어” and translated by YouTube Channel “ROK-US Alliance TV“.

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