Korean Politician Chu Mi-Ae Believes That All Land Must Be Owned By State

Chu Mi-Ae was seen at the International Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties held by Chinese in 2017

During her political party conference, she supported a land reform to tax landowners to the point of forced sales

The leader of the democratic party of Korea answered her questions during her party conference in response to real estate tax questions as “Henry George said the land must be taxed so that the land owners would have to sell their land.” “If He was alive alive today, he would have given the right to use the land to the people, but the ownership would have to stay with the state like in China.”

Chu added that “Today, it is still a legitimate story. Henry George insisted on a single land tax,” which would allow the landowner to pay back the rent (land and land use fees) and all other taxes.”

She told several journalists that “a politician should have a lot of evidence to talk about the details but we are not at that point yet” when asked questions about the land reform policy during a luncheon at a restaurant in Seoul. She went onto introduce Henry George’s book “Economics of Social Problems” which she claimed to have read during the holidays. The leader of the democratic of Korea cited from the book that “Henry George insisted that the market should not set a price for slaves and land which people did not make with their own human efforts” and “Just as realizing that slave trade is wrong, the land is made by the creator, therefore it is arrogant of human to set a price on land.”

She also added that “the capital that should be invested in production is not being invested in it, but rather it is being taken away by rent. ” and that “this problem must be fixed but it is very hard for a politician to speak up against about it.”

She finished her talk by saying “If the current situation continues, there is no future for the younger generation.”

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