Chinese Signals Intelligence Capability Emerges To Be A Global Security Risk Factor

Chinese Signals Intelligence Capability Emerges To Be A Global Security Risk Factor

China, surrounding the South China Sea Expresses Global Hegemony Through SIGINT activities

               A Chinese military facility located on Woody Island in the Spratly Islands is expected to serve as an important signaling (SIGINT) system for future operations in the South China Sea.

Currently, Chinese military is monitoring the activities of the US Navy in the South China Sea through the SIGINT facility on Hainan Island.

China has about 200,000 people working in the field of SIGINT including electronic warfare, and the budget is estimated to be about 10 to 15 US billion dollars, which is one tenth of the total defense budget of China.

China maintains the broadest SIGINT range capacity among the countries of the Asia Pacific region and is known to be the most powerful in the world after the United States.

China is monitoring the signals of India, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, and US troops in the region through dozens of SIGINT ground bases deployed domestically and globally.

China expresses its ambition to secure world hegemony with unprecedented SIGINT activities due to the tensions surrounding the South China Sea.

The information center’s integrated maritime SIGINT system located in the Parasell Islands collects and synthesizes data from acoustic detectors, the SIGINT warships, and satellites and underwater gliders.

In addition, China monitors the activities of the US Navy by deploying significant levels of SIGINT capabilities in ports and coastal facilities under the name of ‘scientific research’.

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