South Korea’s “peaceful” and “democratic” candle light demonstration originates from North Korea

South Korea’s “peaceful” and “democratic” candle light demonstration originates from North Korea

During the impeachment of South Korea’s conservative President; Park Geun-Hye, candle light demonstrations appeared numerous times as a symbol of democracy on the front page of many Western news media

North Korea’s state news paper; Rodong shinmun suggests the candle light protests were ordered by their supreme leader Kim Jung-Un for communistic red reunification of the peninsula 

It turns out the candle light style demonstration first appeared in North Korea


▲ According to North Korea’s official State News; Rodong Shunmun, South Korea picked up torches of fire as ordered by Kim Jung-Un


▲ North Korea’s demonstration style and culture


▲ North Korean youths are holding candles


▲ South Korean youths holding candles in front of Gwanghwamun while demanding resignation of Presidency in 2016


▲ Participants in the Gwanghwamun rallies are lighting torches on December 3, 2016


▲ Protesters swinging torches in front of the Chuncheon office of the Shinnuri party member; Kim Jin-tae while shouting “Go away Kim Jin-Tae; Park Geun Hye’s escort warrior” on December 3, 2016


▲ Since December 3, 2016, National torch rallies appear to be growing very fast


▲ It is filled with candles at the entrance to Chuncheon office of Sunjin Party member Kim Jin-Tae.


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