Three Reasons why Western media and Intelligence agencies must be very suspicious of Moon Jae-In

Three Reasons why Western media and Intelligence agencies must be VERY suspicious of Moon Jae-In

President Moon Jae-In just like his liberal predecessors is anti-South Korean government and free democracy

He is constantly being accused by the Korean conservatives, Christians and patriots of spying on be half of the North Korean regime

Not only president Moon; but also many of his regime’s key members were previously accused of following North Korea ideology in the past

  1. Moon Jae-In has previously engaged in demonstrations for shutting down South Korea’s national intelligence service (국정권 in Korean language) with catholic groups who are also known to be anti-government. Moon Jae-In is seen in the demonstration against the operation of South Korea’s national intelligence agency. The sign he is holding in the photo below reads “Disband National Intelligence Service, Recovery of democracy”. Shutting down South Korea’s national intelligence agency is equivalent to shutting down the FBI of America which takes care of national security within the borders of the United States. What kind of an insane citizen or even a leader of a country could partake in such an activity if not a spy from another country ?
President Moon partaking in Candle Light Vigil style demonstration against National Intelligence Service of SK.


Moon upholds a sign that says “Disband National Intelligence Service, Recovery of democracy”


Moon Jae-In is seen protesting against the operation of SK’s national intelligence service with Catholic nuns


Candle Light Vigil, a form of peaceful demonstration which appeared numerous times during the impeachment of South Korea’s conservative president; Park is originally from North Korea.


North Korea’s candle light demonstration



Here is a video of Moon Jae-In participating in the demonstration:


2. President Moon Jae-In wants to modify the current constitution of South Korea to a much disputed socialistic one. Some argue that it is an effort made by his regime to eventually change South Korea’s constitution to a communist one. One which resembles that of the North which puts people first. In the early 2018, Moon Jae-In’s political party put forward a draft of a modified version of the constitution. In the draft, the word “free” was omitted but in stead, words such as “equality” and “Peaceful reunification” have been used. In the categories concerning the economy, free-market economy was omitted but in stead, “equal democratic society” was used. It is very surprising that the word “economy” was omitted entirely and replaced by “society” in the category of economy.

The drafted version of South Korea’s constitution reform


3. THAAD is a defense system designed to shoot down missiles in the maximum range of 200 KM. The THAAD system was first suggested by the Commander of United States Forces Korea in 2014 during the presidency of Park Geun-Hye. The intended purpose of THAAD is to protect South Korea and American military bases from possible missile attacks from North Korea. Despite the intended purpose of the missile system, after the impeachment of President Park, Moon Jae-In’s new regime put efforts to delay the deployment of the defense system saying “There must be a thorough environmental test for the system. Even as of now, Moon’s government is not showing any efforts to put down demonstrations interrupting the deployment. During his presidential election campaign, one of his promises was to shut down the THAAD defense system. 

The text reads “Shut Down THAAD immediately” in red

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