Politician Kim Moon-Soo wants THAAD in Seoul saying “Foreign Investors Must Stay”

Moon Jae In’s peace treaty “results in China’s supremacy strategy sacrificing freedom and independence of Korea”

Kim Moon-Soo from “Liberty Korea Party“, at a news conference with Youtubers, vowed that he would deploy a THAAD missile system to defend Seoul from North Korea’s ballistic missile threats if elected to be the mayor of Seoul on April 28th 2018.

Foreign investors and foreign companies who are feeling threatened by North Korea’s nuclear and chemical weapons, ballistic missiles and other threats are leaving Seoul.  When asked by journalist the question “If there is  willingness to work with Trump and to deploy THAAD in Seoul,” Kim Moon-Soo replied back saying “he would deploy THAAD in Seoul”.

Kim Moon-Soo pointed out the most important problems in Korea’s defense, first being that South Korean citizens do not have security consciousness, and the second being the false assumption that there will not a military strike by North Korea. Lastly he pointed out that South Korea’s public view that North Korea is not our enemy as a concern.

He also criticized the “Juchesasangpa” politicians such as Im Jong-Seok who are had taken control of the Blue House and South Korean senate, saying, “these people who went even prison do not see North Korean regime as our enemies”.

President Moon Jae-in’s remark of peace treaty is ‘sacrifice the liberty and independence of Korea to the supremacy of China’

Below is the remarks of Candidate Kim Moon-Soo, mayor of Seoul.

Seoul is vulnerable right now. It is too close to North Korea’s missile threat. I served as the Governor of Gyeonggi Province for 8 years and I have been chairman of the whole defense council for 8 years. The 3th Army Command, the Marine Corps, and the US Army are protecting Seoul. Two-thirds of Korea’s electricity is stationed in Gyeonggi-Do.

The most important thing in the security of the Republic of Korea is the ROK-US alliance, and the security of Seoul is secured by the fact that the US forces are stationed at the forefront and the ROK-US Combined Forces are in Yongsan. But now all the forces of the US forces have descended to Pyeongtaek. When I was a governor in Gyeonggi Province, I said, “Do not go too far. At least, some artillery power in Camp Casey in Dongducheon should not go down to Pyeongtaek.”

ROK-US Combined Headquarters in Seoul are said to be replaced by Yongsan Park, and if the 4th General of the US Army, Commander-in-Chief of ROK-US Combined Forces Commander and Commander of the United Nations move to Pyeongtaek, Northern part of Pyeongtaek will be at risk. Commander of the ROK-US Combined Forces, Commander of the United States Army, and Commander of the United Nations Command must be in Seoul to increase their defenses.

A peace agreement came out yesterday between President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong Eun, which could lead to dismantling of the CFC, the return of wartime operational control, and the withdrawal of US troops. If this happens, I firmly oppose what President Moon Jae-in referred as a peace treaty yesterday. I am convinced that we will not be able to maintain a free and independent nation from the regional hegemony of rising China.

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