South Korea’s “Lawyers for a Democratic Society” gets criticized for efforts to send back North Korean defectors

On May 23, a human rights group gathered in front of the building used by a lawyer’s association called “Lawyers for a Democratic Society” also known as “MinByun” to say “Stop the forced return of North Korean people”

Members of a group called “Korean University Students’ Solidarity Association” held a rally against MinByun’s effort to send back North Korean defectors in front of the MinByun office near the Seoul Hyundai station on July 23. The the lawyers’ association  is rumored to be the source of a voice that North Korean defectors must return to North Korea while knowing in full, the returned defectors will face torture and execution. 

The members of the human rights group formed by defectors themselves have criticized the the association’s effort to send back the North Korean defectors who have already escaped from their brutal regime.

The following is a full text of their statement.

We are young North Korean youths who are now university students in South Korea. We traveled three different continents and oceans around the world in search of freedom after escaping from North Korea. Therefore, We are more aware of the value of freedom and democratic values ​​than anyone else. We are also aware of the fear of twelve workers which recently became news on the media  from the thought of being sent back to North Korea. In addition, we are also  familiar with the MinByun office which violated crimes related to society and human rights in South Korea while wearing the mast of democracy. 

On May 14, MinByun held a countermeasure meeting to resolve the suspicion of North Korean restaurant employees and made a TF response to the suspicion of North Korean restaurant employees planning to escape. In response, young North Korean retaliated putting their lives at risk saying “they could not keep silence on MinByun’s efforts to send back the North Korean defectors to North Korea”.

Logo of MinByun Lawyers’ association

We now confirm that MinByun Association “which stands for”Lawyers for a Democratic Society” is the original source of voice and action to send back the North Korean defectors to North Korea. Our North Korean college students condemn the crimes of MinByun Association which is trying to send the defectors back to North Korea where they will eventually be executed being tortured for dissent against the state.

First, Stop the conspiracy and efforts to force North Korean defectors to leave North Korea !

Secondly, MinByun lawyers working on behalf of North Korean regime in Pyongyang must confess their crimes ! 

Third, the refugees want freedom to live in Korea. The MinByun lawyers must go to North Korea themselves !

The MinByun Association has previously been accused of being Pro-North Korean and even working on be half of North Korean regime as a peace mediator. 

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