Was South Korea’s Impeachment of Conservative Park Gyeun Hye an international conspiracy ?

The current South Korean president came into power under the most extraordinary circumstances.

President Park was impeached and jailed on extremely shaky grounds that would have never withstood legal scrutiny in mature democracies. She remains in jail for “bribery” without having accepted any payment. Legitimate governmental policies have been distorted and denounced as alleged evidence of corruption and misuse of power. When the real truth comes out, it will ultimately go down in history as the most successful conspiracy and fraud pulled off by the South Korean Left. A huge controversy has broken out that the left wingers allied to the current South Korean president engaged in systematic manipulation of the popular opinion by controlling online dissemination of news and by fabricating comments sections of media websites. Those who are familiar with the shockingly unscrupulous way that the left wingers operate in South Korean politics are not surprised even the slightest.

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