A thirty three-year-old starts a bar for right-wingers in South Korea

Thirty three-year-old owner of Liberty Lounge in Sincheon-Dong South Korea

During the impeachment of conservative regime of Park Regime, he decided to create a right-wing culture in South Korea

Created a space for drinking wine and discussion

A bar in Sinchon-Dong, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul is a bit different from any other bar. It sells traditional wine and liquor, but you can also find the right-wing political books such as “liberalism and communism” and “Korean War history” on the long shelf against the wall.  The bar even included a room for discuss separated by glass walls. On the 24th, the young entrepreneur “Park Gyul” had Korean war memorial badges enveloped in his own design.

Park opened “Lounge Liberty” last January. He calls his place “A base for right-wingers”. According to Park, “Nowadays, young people are afraid to define themselves as “right or conservative” because they are afraid of being labeled “Corrupt (적폐 in Korean)”. He added “I wanted to create a space where the right-wingers can stand together.”

I did not dream of politics. Until last year, he was pursuing a master’s degree in cultural content at a university in England. He revealed that he felt deeply disappointed while witnessing the impeachment of Conservative President Park.

On the wall are the faces of Sygman Rhee, Park Chung-Hee and British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, hanging as pop art works of primary colors. / Reporter Kohun Ho

Park said, “I did not think the national flag is the only thing that the right-wingers can bring up.” “It is unfortunate for people to think that there is no space for themselves in the right wing at that time.”

When he finished his masters in August last year, he was given a six year contract  by a British cultural tourism company. In the UK, one can apply for citizenship with six years of experience. However, Mr. Park said, “I have become more interested in going back to Korea and helping the conservatives.” Mr. Park returned to Korea last September and received a loan to set up his bar.

Park has designed the interior of the bar as ‘sophisticated’ as possible so that younger guests can find it comfortable. When starting the bar, he was asked questions like, “Why do you not hang up the national flag ?” and “Why is the picture of Park Geun-hye missing ?”. The entrepreneur responded by saying, “I rejected elements that are too controversial at the moment. A younger generation can feel rejected. On the walls of the bar are pictures of famous conservative politicians, such as Park Chung-Hee, Sygman Rhee, and Margaret Thatcher.

Park said, “My parents were influential in having a deep affection for the value of conservatives. “Park’s parents always emphasized freedom and responsibility. At the age of twenty four, his parents completely stopped helping him financially when told by their son, that he will be studying music while studying at the same time.

It’s been four months since the opening of the bar. Hundreds of young people from various right-wing groups attended the “Youth Union Party” held here last month. During the “Second Battle of Yeonpyeong” memorial around five hundred people showed up at the bar in just two days. 

Park plans to increase the number of stores so that younger right-wingers can create their own culture. “Those who said they feel a little awkward are now bringing their friends and family members. My wish is that similar places will spring up more in the near future so that the conservative culture can expand from what it is today.

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