“The most feared religion” by North Korean authorities: Christianity according to a former defector

Christianity feared the most by Kim’s North Korean regime

“Kim Il Sung said,” I knew that if Christianity was not in our control, we would not be able to continue the power succession.” A former North Korean government elite who defected in 2016 spoke about religion in North Korea referring to his recently published book “Cryptography From the Third-Floor Secretariat“.

Thae’s new book called “Memoirs of Thae Yong Ho, Cryptography From the Third-Floor Secretariat”

According to his interview with Chosun Ilbo, “After the Korean War, North Korea destroyed churches and claimed that the US had bombed them down. Afterwards, they deified the Kim’s family. Their Constitution recognizes freedom of religion. However in reality, practice of religion is not allowed because only Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il ideology also known as “Juchae Ideology” is permitted in the Labor Party Code.

When asked about the most feared religion in North Korea by its leaders, he replied, “Christianity particularly Protestantism”. He added that the reason is “Kim Il Sung is from a Christian family and he knows the nature of Christianity so well himself.”

According to Thae, Kim Jong Il actually promoted the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1991. The Vatican said, “Please bring a real believer,” and the North Korean authorities found an old lady who said, “Once God has entered the heart, it never leaves.” After Kim Jong-Il was reported the story of the lady, he decided not to build churches and cancelled the plan invite the Pope.

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