Politician Kim Moon-Soo wants Queer Festivals banned from South Korea

The world’s greatest politicians are Rhee and Park Chung-hee

South Korean Politician, Kim Moon-Soo from Liberty Korea Party is getting ready to start his campaign to become the next mayor of Seoul.  Kim Moon-Soo is up against Park Won-Soon who already served as mayor of Seoul twice. Kim Moon-Soo criticized the current Mayor, Park for politicizing the Sinking of MV Sewol. In response, Park Won-Soon asked Kim to make an apology to the public.

On May 23rd, Candidate Kim Moon Soo had emphasized that South Korea must strengthen the alliance with the US to counter against China’s regional hegemonic strategy in North Asia Pacific at a conference provided by “Global Big Tent”. He also shared the vision that Communist China will collapse.


Below is a transcript from his lecture by candidate Kim Moon-Soo on countering China’s hegemonic strategy

There is no way to stop China’s hegemonic strategy. China has been a hegemonic nation for centuries. However China in this century is a communist state and a communist nation cannot be a hegemonic nation. The communist state is a country of its own accord. Left China, Right Japan, Up Russia We have nothing. The best way is our alliance with the USA. If we stay in alliance and act accordingly, we can counter balance China.

How can we defend Dokdo from Japan when Japan has the naval and air forces are four times that of us ? How can we defend ourselves from Russia against its policy to go Southbound in Asia Pacific for access to seaports.  The US-ROK alliance is a blessing to us. However, some of South Korea’s citizens are yelling telling the American troops to go back for their personal political gains. That is even happening in Japan

If China breaks down the communist state and becomes a free democratic state, then it will not insist on supremacy. I think China is collapsing. Communist countries can never endure. The reason is that it is not compatible with human nature. Because human nature is freedom, freedom democracy is respect for each other. Thus, the president is also criticizing liberal democracy.

Liberal democracy is well suited to human nature, and communism is ruined because it is contrary to human nature. All communist countries will perish. The ones that have survived such as China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba will do so in the near future as well.


Below is a transcript from his lecture by candidate Kim Moon-Soo on shutting down queer festivals in Seoul

Candidate Kim Moon-Soo revealed that he would abolish the homosexual festivals (Queer Festival) in Seoul. He explained his reasons saying “I am against anal sex. Anal sex is dirty. Anal sex causes AIDS. I heard that these days high school students live as homosexual partners for part-time jobs. We cannot allow buying children with money to support homosexuality. This is not about discrimination. It is for the future of our children.”

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