Chung Dong-Young suggests Preemptive “disposal of National Security Act”

The Party for Democratic and Peace’s chairman Chung Dong-young has been criticized for his statement in which he claimed Kim Jong-Un as a “leader who loves his country” relating to the recent summit between DPRK and US.

According to, he said “I would to make a country where you can hear everyone smile, a happy country” on the 18th anniversary of North-South Korea summit led by Kim Dae-Jung held at the Lavender Rosemary Hall in the 63 Building in Yeouido. 

“If Chairman Kim Jong-il solved the problem and dream of survival, Chairman Kim Jung-Un claimed that he was about” survival + alpha,” and that Trump embraced the sincerety of Kim Jung-Un’s dream which is to make “a happy country where the people’s laughter can be heard.”

Chung said “The meaning of the Panmunjom Declaration as the second Maltese declaration implies that North Korea is no longer an enemy.” He added, “that is why we should review the abolition of the National Security Act preemptively in order to do so.”

South Korea’s conservatives and even liberals criticized the politician for the mention of abolishing the National Security Act which was set up after Korean war to fight against North Korea’s communist propaganda and anti-government activities.

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