Investigators summon a power blogger behind media manipulation for the third time

Kim Dong Won AKA “Druking” is a power blogger caught manipulating public media and opinions for the democratic party of Korea.

The special investigation team led by Huh re summoned the power blogger Kim Dong-won on July 7 again. It is now the third summon after 28th and 30th of last month.

Mr.Kim AKA “Druking” is closing his eyes at the Special Inspection Office of Hye-Beom Huh in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 7th.

Mr. Kim arrived at the investigators’ office in Seocho-gu Seoul using a convoy about 10:05 A.M. in the morning.

Upon arrival at the office, he was asked questions such as “Did you plead not guilty in final judgment?” and “Will you cooperate with the investigation in connection with the clandestine evidence found in the special investigation?”

He declined to comment on any of the questions asked walking into the office.

Ma-Jun is the lawyer in defense of Mr. Kim. The lawyer headed to the investigation room without answering any questions asked by reporters.

According to the inside and outside of the special investigation, Kim was reported to have shown a cooperative attitude in two previous surveys. It has been reported that he made few statements on various charges against him.

The forty nine year old argued that he was not guilty at the trial hearing held on April 4. The public is waiting in anticipation to see if he will show the same attitude during the special investigation.

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