Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union caught brainwashing South Korean Students With Juche Ideology

Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union (short for KTU) has been criticized by South Koreans for teaching North Korea’s Juche ideology to young students

A student from a high school in Seoul recorded a teacher teaching his classmates about the Juche ideology

It can never be emphasized how much damage has been done to Korea’s public education by Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union.  Certain teachers from Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union take young students on field trips where anti-Japanese North Korean communists died fighting for history lessons. The teachers during the lesson blatantly praise North Korea.

Here is a recording by a high school student


Teaching false history is critical for their Pro-North Korea propaganda and politics. They teach history, which is extremely biased towards North Korea. They confuse young students by teaching about specific facts and events picked out by the teachers’ union. The false history taught from early age to post-secondary education make South Korean students and youth to look up to and praise DPRK.

In certain areas in South Korea, all of the teachers are members of the KTU. It is not so much different in metropolitan areas such as Seoul.

Here are some of the things said by the teacher during class time translated into English

Kim Il Sung is our national hero.
South Korea’s must adapt North Korea’s (People’s) democracy
I know few North Korean defectors, they say that it is much better to live in the North than in the South.
North Korea’s missile launching is only for the sake of launching. It does not threaten (South Korea’s) national security. It is always the fault of conservatives.

To learn more about some of the things valued and taught by Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union to young South Korean people.

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