North Korea Approves Establishment of South Korea’s Left-Wing Media in Pyongyang

JTBC is considered  to be South Korea’s left-wing media like the CNN in America

KBS, JTBC, and Yonhap News issued an application to establish a Pyongyang bureau in North Korea, but only JTBC was invited to North Korea.

The decision has not yet been approved by the Ministry of Unification of South Korea, but the invitation implies that North Korea expects an approval from the Ministry of Unification as the relation between the South and North Korea improves.

According to JTBC, about 20 people will be dispatched to Pyongyang.

On July 7th, JTBC made a comment during a program called “Anchor Briefing” in reference to the first “Pyongyang bureau chief” of the unified country, South Korean media reported that they are actively negotiating to establish a Pyongyang bureau.

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