What does “Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union” really teach young South Koreans about North Korea

Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union is a union formed by teachers for not for the economic interest but rather for political and ultimately ideological reasons.

Legitimate establishment of the union has been opposed by the Korean government since 1989 but it was finally established by a Pro-North Korean President called “Kim Dae-Jung”.

The teacher’s union has been highly criticized for spreading North Korean ideology called “Juche” as well as biased history teaching in public education.

Teachers Union’s protest. The man is holding a sign that says “A world that respects labor is a nation where teachers can form a labor union!”. 

Here are some of the things taught by Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union.

  • They believe that Republic of Korea (South Korea) is a nation that should have never been born and deny all of the modern history of South Korea since its independence by President Syngman Rhee.
  • They consider the founding father of Republic of Korea; Syngman Rhee and Park Chung Hee as one of the worst enemies. They are called names such as “national traitor”, “Pro-Japanese”, “dictator” and “Dogs of America”.
  • They are unsurprisingly anti-American and anti-Christian.
  • They scream of democracy, freedom, equality, progressive politics, human rights and yet while teaching North Korea’s state ideology called “Juche” to South Korea’s school students.

This kind of education has been around over two decades in South Korea. The signs are starting to show. South Korea’s conservatives and its political parties are dismantled. They are called “traitors” by the public. Kim Jong Un has a favor rating of over 70% in South Korea and with such a rating, it could well be said that propaganda flowed through few Pro-North Korean cults like 전대협 has been successful. One clear piece of evidence to back up this point is that earlier Juche ideologists such Im Jong Seok are not holding high government positions in the blue house.

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