Vice President of LG Uplus Pushes For Huawei’s 5g Equipment in Korea Despite Security Concerns

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While Huawei and ZTE’s telecommunication equipment including consumer cellphone are increasingly being regarded as a security threat by American intelligence and government officials. Kwon Young-soo, vice chairman of LG Uplus which is South Korea third largest internet provider says “he feels positive for Huawei’s introduction of 5G mobile telecommunication (5G) equipment in South Korea.” LG Uplus has installed China’s Huawei equipment to build its 4G LTE network in 2015.

Vice Present of LG UPlus Kwon is seen at the MWC conference of 2018 in Shanghai China.

Vice Chairman Kwon attended the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 held in Shanghai, China. According to the vice president, “We have seen Huawei only” and that “Performance, quality and delivery will go on as scheduled.”

He added that “Unless it’s special, we will use four vendors such as Huawei, Samsung Electronics, Ericsson, and Nokia” meaning it is practically guaranteed that Huawei will be chosen.

Huawei’s equipment is known to be ahead of its competitors in terms of technology for three to six months. On top of that, the price for the equipment is much under-priced than its competitors in the same market. Mr. Kwon showed satisfaction saying “Huawei’s equipment is the fastest and that performance is good.”

While Vice Chairman Kwon sent a positive signal to Huawei equipment,  SK Telecom and KT did not disclose any position. KT’s chairman Hwang Chang-gyu was known to have visited the booth representing Huawei at the MWC conference. However he did not say whether he would introduce Huawei’s equipment.

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