How China is secretly funding NGOs in South Korea and Japan to pull US troops out !

The ROK-US alliance should be further strengthened to counter China’s communist strategy.

Choi Woo Suk is the Chariman of Korea Defense Industry association

On July 4, North Korea fired intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) aimed at the United States on the US Independence Day. I think our people think this is a problem between the United States and North Korea. However, China’s reaction was lukewarm towards North Korea’s missile provocation, it can be said that that the move was rather a collaboration between China and North Korea.

Why is China cooperating with North Korea while it pretends to pressure China at the same time ? China has historically tried to tie the neighboring countries into a single world by forcing Sinocentrism. In modern times, their strategy has only shifted into communism spreading communism by Chinese characteristics to turn its neighboring countries into communist states.

Chinese and North Korean communists as well as Korean and Japanese politicians and civic groups working in cooperation under the control of communists are cleverly pushing anti-American protesters crossing internationally whose primary goal is to drive America out of Asia and build communist states in replacement.

The Japanese Communist revolutionary group JR union participated in the demonstration of a conservative president; Park Geun-hye, while anti-American organizations participated in the demonstrations to withdraw US bases from Okinawa. It is reported that some of them were arrested by Japanese police officers and appeared briefly in the Japanese press.

<Video: How the Chinese and North Koreans trying to drive the US military forces out of Asia Pacific from South Korea and Japan using anti-American groups by Professor Kim Jung Min>

Politicians from the Democratic part of Korea are receiving political funds from China and North Korea to help make favorable decisions for North Korea and China. 

Recently, the Japanese media reported that former Democratic Party leader Kan Naoto had received political funds from the NGOs established by North Korea namely Chongryon. Ryutaro Hashimoto, a former prime minister has been reported to have pursued policies favorable to China, such as supporting China’s ODA funds because of his secret involvement with Chinese prostitution.

I believe that organizations and politicians who receive funds to help push the national agenda behind the withdrawal of US troops from Asia must be studied carefully and act against it in response.

In order to bribe Japanese and Korean politicians, China helps them acquire immense wealth by giving them the right to operate exclusively in China, these funds are used to transfer money to the politicians through money laundering or to form their supporters. Japanese and South Korean politicians supported this way will be forced to pursue favorable policies for North Korea and China.

In recent years, as soon as the regime has changed in Korea, anti-American protests have surged, and nuclear power plants have been closed without any obvious alternatives, and a policy is underway to import gas from Russia to build a gas power plant. The results of these non-sense policies eventually benefit China, Russia and North Korea.

The Korean NGOs funded by North Korea and China are presented at a seminar in which the Japanese media reports that they had been arrested by Japanese police while demonstrating for the withdrawal to US bases in Okinawa, Japan.
Japanese civic groups said in a press conference that Koreans participated in the demonstration of the US bases in Okinawa, Japan.
A slogan was found that says “Park Gyeun Hye Must Go Away!”, “Candle lights will not go out”, “Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union“.

Protests against US military bases in South Korea and Japan care carried out by China’s money and North Korea’s activities

In the vicinity of the Jeju Sea Gunji and Pyeongtaek US bases, Chinese are already buying into real estate to build the world’s biggest Chinatown, which is not just for the Chinese to make a living out of, but also to monitor the military activities of the ROK and US forces.

If these strategies do succeed, China’s naval forces can block Korea’s trade routes and its economy will collapse and eventually become a Chinese colony.

In order to block China’s communist strategy and defend liberal democracy, it is urgent to find out the destructive forces that seek to overthrow the regime by taking advantage of China’s financial support and acting as a puppet of China.

In addition, Korea should strengthen the ROK-US alliance that President Moon Jae-In emphasized in summits with American.

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