Nuclear Safety and Security Commission Is Reviewing Moon’s Abrupt Nu-Nuking of South Koreans Plants

South Korea to cancel plans for six new nuclear reactors under Moon Jae-In’s pressure

Moon’s plan to Reduce nuclear energy will threaten South Korea’s energy security

President Moon Jae-In is seen announcing the cancellation of the Kori Nuclear Power Plant.

The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission which includes more than 5,000 experts from industry and academia in the field of domestic nuclear technology is demanding a reexamination of the government’s controversial energy conversion policy.

The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission stated that “The new nuclear power plants project should continue as scheduled and the current government’s policy of reducing nuclear energy should be thoroughly reviewed.” in a press conference at the Korea Press Center in Seoul on September 9.

The Chairman of Nuclear Safety and Security Commission; Kim Hak-Ro said “It has been decided to resume the construction of Shin-Kori 5 and 6 after the public debate last year, Nuclear Safety and Security Commission has been demanding the government to implement a prudent policy towards reducing nuclear energy.”

He criticized the fact that the government’s decision to preemptively shut down of the Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant as well as cancelling future nuclear power plants.

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