North Korean Coal Imports Into South Korea, Did Moon’s Government Pretend Not To Have Noticed ?

It is very shocking news that North Korea’s coal, which was completely banned by the UN Security Council’s sanctions on North Korea, was brought to South Korea from October last year. It is because South Korea that should try their best to maintain sanctions more thoroughly than any other country as a country that is affected by the North Korea nuclear crisis. As a result, it become difficult to demand that other countries such as China and Russia which are suspected of opening their the back door to North Korea should maintain sanctions against North Korea, while pretending to keep the resolution of the Security Council.

The government stated “The Blue House did receive information that the coal in question was from North Korea last October, but there was no clause to detain vessels involved in the violation of the Security Council resolution, and the charges were not clear.” However, that is only an excuse. The Blue House should have actively searched other possible ways to maintain sanctions even if the Security Council Resolution did not contain information on restriction of seizure of vessels that violated the UN sanctions. The fact that the South Korean government allowed the vessel in question to enter and exit out of the port is even more worrying when the government was clearly given the information that the coal in question is from North Korea. If given such information, the government should have thoroughly investigated it. It is very suspicious that there could be other intentions given the fact that the government’s lack of willingness to sanction North Korea.

[ChosunIlbo] Seoul Ignored Illegal Shipments of N.Korean Coal

The evidence is self-explanatory in that the government has taken no action even though the two ships in question came to Korea 24 times from late last year to early this month. This Is a clear violation of resolution 2397 of the Security Council on North Korea adopted on December 22 last year. The resolution states that ships engaged in violation of North Korea sanctions such as trans-shipments, which means exchanges of cargo between vessels should be detained, searched and investigated when they enter into ports.

The government has hidden this fact from South Korean citizens. The Blue House admitted of the situation in question on August 18th, after a release of a edited report from UN’s North Korean Sanctions department. Given these facts, it makes South Korean citizens suspect that there could be more violations of the UN sanctions that the government under Moon Jae-In’s leadership is covering up.

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