Former Chairman of The Foundation For Broadcast Claims “Moon Jae-In Is a Communist” In Court

Ko Yeong-Joo, the former chairman of the Foundation for Broadcast culture claims “Moon Jae-In is a Communist”

According to the chairman, Moon Jae-In admitted himself that He is a communist at PyeongChang Olyimpics.

The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office of the Republic of Korea demanded the court to give Ko Yeong-Joo (68), the former chairman of the Foundation for Broadcast Culture a prison sentence for defaming the South Korean president, Moon Jae-In while claiming that the current president is indeed a communist. He did not drop his claim saying that there are several “definite” reasons that Moon Jae-In is a communist untill even in his last statement.

Prosecutors filed a jail sentence of a year and a half on account of defamation against the former chairman on 26th June.

Ko Yeong-Joo, the chairman of the Korea Broadcasting Culture is seen attending his trial of defamation related to president “Moon Jae-in” at the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho-Gu, Seoul on March 29th.

According to the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, “The former chairman, Ko claimed that “Moon is a communist judging from his experience while working for the Busan District Prosecutor’s Office and that when Moon worked for former President Roh as presidential secretary.” He also claimed that “Moon Jae-In gave him a disadvantage from being promoted at the Prosecutor’s office.” He added that “Burim incident was an incident where the accused were judged innocent and that there was no thorough investigation carried out on the case.”

The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office said too many people were accused of being communists in modern Korean history and that one should not accuse someone of being a communist for his political advantage.

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According to the former chairman, “During the pre-reception of PyeongChang Olympic, Moon said he respects the idea of ​​Mr. Shin Young-Bok and his Juche ideology, to the chairman of the Supreme People’s Assembly of Kim Young-Nam. He demanded the charges against him to be dropped considering the fact that “Moon claimed himself a communist”.

“There are now more and more people who think that President Moon is a communist, although he is not publicly speaking because he is afraid of retaliation right now.”

“After being elected, Moon Jae-In appointed Juchea Ideologists to work in the Blue House and has been trying to get rid of National Intelligence Services’ rights to carry out investigations.”

Ko Yeong-Joo was once handed over to court on January 4, 2013, for making false claims, calling the president a communist at a conservative group event.

An open trial of the former chairman will be held on the 23rd August.

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