“It is only a matter of time South Korea will be a communist state” Says Former Presecutor

The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office of the Republic of Korea demanded the supreme court to give Ko Yeong-Joo, the former chairman of foundation of broadcast culture a prison sentence for defaming the current South Korean president, Moon Jae-In to be a communist.

Ko Yeong-Joo, the chairman of the Korea Broadcasting Culture is seen attending his trial of defamation related to president “Moon Jae-in” at the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho-Gu, Seoul on March 29th.

The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office filed Ko Jeong-Joo a prison sentence of a year and a half for defamation on 26 June at Seoul Central District Court.

According to the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, Ko Yeong-Joo who directly investigated the Burimg incident, told people close to him that “Moon has a life-long relationship with the defendants in the Burim incident and that he was given disadvantages while working as a prosecutor.” The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office also found that he also spread words that “President Moon Jae-In is a communist” on SNS.

The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office stated that his claim has clearly damaged the reputation of President Moon and despite the loss of the last civil lawsuit, he is still repeating the same argument, rather than acknowledging his mistake.

However, the former chairman did not play down his argument at at all.

In his final statement, he said that “Whoever agrees with major claims made by the North Korean regime is a communist as well as people who take sides with the North over the Cheonan incident.” He added that “There are specific reasons why President Moon is a communist.”

During his 28 years as a prosecutor, he was in charge of the Hanchongnyon, the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union, and the Unified Progressive Party Incident.

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The former chairman warned that “Deeming my claim that President Moon Jae-In is a communist to be simply false and brushing it aside is

He argued that “There are many people who think the president is a communist now, I thought that if I kept my mount shut, nobody would know about it and our country could be in danger.”

He also criticized the current left-wing governmental policies saying “I feel uneasy because it seems true that it is only a matter of time that South Korea, our country will be a red communist country.”

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He even made a statement that “President Moon Jae-in said that he respects Shin Young-Bok as a Juchea Ideologist to a North Korean official, Kim Young-nam at PyeongChang Olympics during the welcoming ceremonies, that is basically admitting he is a communist himself.

Shin Young-Bok’s ideology is Juchea ideology, communist ideology, Kim Il Sung’s ideology.

Ko Yeong-Joo was once arrested for saying that “Moon Jae-In is a communist and that it is only a matter of time that South Korea will be a communist state.” at a conference held among South Korean conservatives and politically right-wing groups

The trial of the former chairman will be held on the 23rd of next month.

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