[KBS] South Korea Has Been Sending Banned Material To The North Says Lawmaker

Cheong Yang-Seog is a member of Liberty Korea Party

Seoul, August 13 (world.kbs.co.kr) – It has been claimed that items prohibited by the UN sanctions were sent to North Korea while the South Korean government was preparing an inter-Korean joint liaison office in Gaeseong Industrial Complex.

According to online research through the KCS website and other sources made by Cheong Yang-Seog, the South Korean government has confirmed that it has exported 116 tons of steel and steel products which are worth around $1,166,100 in US dollars to North Korea from June to July.

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He explained that “Although we cannot confirm the specific names of the items brought into North Korea, the imported items included steel, copper, nickel, and aluminum” and that “all of the material in the data are banned from being exported to North Korea under U.N. Security Council Resolution 2397”.

He added by saying “These items are believed to have been used for inter-Korean liaison offices, family reunions, and military communications lines”.

The South Korean lawmaker also said on the 21st that he confirmed the export of sanitary items such as petroleum, diesel, and generators which are banned by the UN Security Council to the North through the Korea Customs Service.

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