[JoongAng Ilbo] Thae Young-Ho opens a personal blog: “I want to be a bridge of communication between North and South”

Thae Young-Ho, a former North Korean diplomat to UK is seen attending a special meeting with North Korea experts on the “North Korea Summit and Prospects for Inter-Korean Relations” held at the National Assembly Hall on the afternoon of the 14th.

Seoul, August 13 (joins.com) – Thae Young Ho, a former North Korean diplomat in the UK, has recently started his personal blog. Thae defected from North Korea through Thailand in 2016.

A blog named “Thae Young Ho’s Forum for Unification” will be introducing Thae Young Ho’s columns and lectures on politics related to the Koreas and convey the news of North Korea.

In his first post, the former North Korea diplomat explained the reason behind naming of his blog which is “Thae Yong Ho’s Forum for Unification,  We go together Forum” meaning everyone should work together until the day of unification.

He says “I believe that our unification should start with a correct understanding of the reality surrounding North and South Korea.” He also expressed his desire to be “a bridge of communication between north and south until the day when it becomes unification.”

Tae Young Ho’s new blog about North and South Korea

Thae resigned from the Institute for National Security Strategy, (INSS) under the National Intelligence Service in May 2018.

According to one of the research staffs (from INSS), he said, “I will be leaving INSS and work more freely. I will also work hard on my blog.”

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