EBS Media CEO resigns after ‘Kim Jong Un paper toy’ controversy

Seoul, November 29, 2018 (joins.com) – EBS Media CEO, Chung Ho Young resigned on 29th, after being accused of glorifying Kim Jung Un from selling paper toys of Chairman Kim Jung Un which were described as “the world’s youngest state leader.”

Earlier, EBS Media cooperated with Scholars to sell paper crafts of South Korean President Moon Jae-in, US President Donald Trump,
North Korea’s chairman Kim Jong Un and Chairman of China Xi Jinping.

A famous South Korean, Cartoonist/Youtuber named “Yoon Seo-In” uploaded a satirical video about the event while demonstrating how to make the controversial paper toys which glorify brutal dictators such as Kim Jung Un and Xi-Jinping.

The paper doll which glorified Chairman, Kim as the world’s youngest head of state was harshly criticized by the conservatives on social media.

In the midst of the controversy, EBS Media’ CEO put out an apology statement on the 27th saying “the sales have been halted immediately and that the products are being recalled.” However, the CEO resigned after two days.

As Chung resigns as CEO from EBS Media, an executive director, Son will be in temporary charge of the position.

Executive director, Son stated “all employees of the company are taking the recent issue seriously with a sense of responsibility” and that “internal audits are underway to put measures in place to prevent the recurrence of such events.”

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