[Opinion] Famous Celebrity Journalist Kim Yong Ho Believes The New CEO of YG, Hwang Is Hired To Be Owner’s Puppet.

Kim Yong Ho is a former celebrity journalist and rising Youtuber who has been appearing on his channel and another famous Youtube channel called “GaroSaero Lab” a right-wing Korean YouTube channel which covers Korean politics since 2018. Kim is known as a legendary celebrity journalist in South Korean media who knows a lot of secrets of k-pop stars and entertainment companies such as YG and SM.

Kim Yong Ho has been in numerous legal disputes with the YG entertainment since the beginning of his career because of his articles criticizing the company. In 2015, Kim Yong Ho described YG entertainment as a drugstore during a drug scandal in the company and was sued by YG for defamation. However, the court dropped him of charges.

Now, what does Kim Yong Ho think about the appointment of Hwang, the CEO of YG ?

According to Kim, Hwang was chosen by Yang Hyun-Suk because she has been dealing with finance matters in the company for 18 years, not because of her exceptional capability managing the company. He also mentions that because of her dealing with financial matters in the company, she knows about the company’s many secrets and the company owner, Yang personally more than anybody person in the company.

Kim believes hiring Hwang in stead of professional management means that Yang Hyun-Suk does not have the intention to accept the faults of his company such as the current drug scandal and turn his company around for the better. He expects that, it will still be Yang controlling the company through Hwang who is there to represent the company only. In another words, she will be acting as the new CEO, nothing more.

Kim and the GaroSaero Lab’s members expressed a sense of disappointment for Yang’s decision for the repeated sex and drug scandals and Yang’s decision to deny and keep silent about the current scandal again.

YG entertainment’s stock is at all time low since BigBang’s drug scandal. However, it is unlikely that the owner of YG has learned any lesson even after many scandals.

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