Who is YG Entertainment’s New CEO Hwang Bo-Kyung ?

Hwang Bo-Kyung, the newly appointed director of YG Entertainment, is attracting the attention of ㅡ netizens.

YG held an board meeting and decided to establish the “YG Management Innovation Committee” with a newly appointed CEO named “Hwang Bo-Kyung”.

Former CEO Yang Hyun-sook and his brother Yang Min-Seok resigned in amid controversies surrounding the YG such as K-POP stars’ drug usage and YG’s suspicious relationship with the police during burning sun scandal.

After joining YG in 2001, the new CEO, Hwang served served as the head of the management support division about 18 years.

According to Kim Yong-Ho, a famous celebrity journalist and Youtuber who has been writing about YG Entertainment since the beginning of his career, “Hwang has been in charge of fiance at YG, so she is the person who knows the current situation surrounding YG very well.

Hwang is known to have gained recognition for her capability from the producer Yang and has advanced progressively in the company.

Hwang revealed “She feels a great sense of responsibility in difficult times and that she will set YG straight at the most basic levels to leap forward again.”

Expectations are high among many fans to see if YG Entertainment can turn the situation around and make things right.

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