Professor Jeong Hoon Lee: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address emphasizes responsibility before the Creator.

Jeong Hoon Lee, professor at Ulsan University at a lecture in Atlanta

“It should be noted that Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address is based on the Bible and emphasizes responsibility before the Creator.”

Lee Jung-hoon, a researcher at the Institute for Policy Studies (PLI) and a professor at Ulsan University, emphasized that it is wrong to interpret the phrase “Of the people, by the people, for the people” from Lincoln’s speech on the basis of humanism in a lecture at Zion Korean United Methodist Church of Atlanta.

Professor Lee said “In these times, when there is no honesty among the Christians but only immorality in action should first know how the Republic of Korea was founded.” on the 69th anniversary of the Korean War, in a prayer meeting for the Republic of Korea jointly organized by the Korean American Church Association (pastor Yeon Sun) and the Korean American Society (pastor Ryu Dohyeong) .

The phrase quoted by Lincoln was written by a English reformer John Wycliffe in the 14th century after the translation of the Latin Bible into English. “The translation of the Bible in English at that time was a matter of life and death in the face of the pope’s power.”

“Prior to Lincoln, in the Declaration of Independence, it was stated that “All men are created equal … by the Creator.” and “Christian leaders who received the gospel from President Syngman Rhee and American missionaries should a build nation with the founding spirits.

Professor Lee said, “President Trump recently gave a speech at Liberty University, saying, “In America, we worship God, not the government The fathers of the founding fathers mention the Creator four times in the Declaration of Independence.” There is criticism that Trump used Christianity to gain for political support, but I say whatever the intention of the President Trump were, it is right to reclaim the founding spirits of the United States.

“The core of US conservatism centered on Christians is that man is a creature with limits which makes him look at the Creator with humility” The crisis in Korea comes from the fact that (Koreans) forgot why the Creator founded the republic of Korea.

Professor Lee Jung-Hoon received his Ph.D. in law from Seoul National University and worked as a professor at Ulsan University. As a monk who served as a Buddhist monk, he served as a strategic brain for the dismantling of churches, such as the legal prohibition of evangelism in public places and public schools. However he converted to Christianity and is now working as a professor at the Eternal Liberty Institute For Policy Studies which is based on Christianity.

The professor is giving lectures called “Using the words of the Bible to be against God ” on July 22 and “How to Win” on November 22. He will also be giving lectures at Bethany Presbyterian Church on 23, Zion Church on 24, and Church of the Glory of the Lord on 25.

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