Communist Past Life of Im Jong-Seok; President Moon’s right hand man

Communist Past Life of Im Jong-Seok

Im Jong-seok is a Korean politician and the current Chief Presidential Secretary for President of South Korea Moon Jae-in, serving since 10 May 2017. Im served as Moon’s chief of staff during the primary and 2017 presidential election.

April 24, 1966: Birth of Im Jong Seok

1985: He graduates from Yongmoon (용문) High school

1986: He starts studying weapon material engineering at Hanyang University.

1987: Establishment of National university student activism representative council (전국대학생대표자협의회)

1987 – 1989: Im Jong-Seok joins a club named after a song called “Sound of Open” and sets his foot in student activism for the first time in his life.

1989: He serves as 3rd chairman for National university student activism representative council (전국대학생대표자협의회)

1991: Im Jong Seok illegally sends Im Soo Jung to North Korea and gets a jail sentence of 5 years.

2004: Im Jong-Seok founds a North And South Economic and Cultural Group A.K.A InterKoreaGroup to finance North Korea despite UN sanctions using copyright fees

2017: Im Jong-Seok gets appointed to be leftist President President Moon Jae-In’s secretary in the Blue House

2018: Im Jong-Seok makes an unannounced visit to Lebanon and UAE 


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