World Politics Time Line 2018

World Politics Time Line 2018

Major Events


Jan 1, 2018: Netanyahu wishes success to Iran protesters, denies Israeli involvement
Jan 1, 2018: Syria’s Assad names new defense and other ministers: state TV
Jan 1, 2018: North Korea’s Kim says ‘open to dialogue’ with South Korea

Jan 2, 2018: Nikki Haley: North Korea might be preparing to fire another missile.
Jan 2, 2018: Iranian Crisis Could Send Oil To $100
Jan 2, 2018: New Pipeline Doubles Russian Oil Supply To China

Jan 3, 2018: Singapore and UK ban film made by Palestinian activist
Jan 3, 2018: Israeli death penalty advocates win preliminary vote in parliament
Jan 3, 2018: Macron wants anti-‘fake news’ law in 2018

Jan 4, 2018: Haider al-Abadi under pressure from Western allies to dismantle the PMF
Jan 4, 2018: Trump vows support for Iran protesters ‘at the appropriate time’

Jan 5, 2018: Suspension of South Korea drills practical, not political: James Mattis
Jan 5, 2018: The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group left San Diego Friday on its way to the western Pacific. (Linked to Iranian Tanker Crash)
Jan 5, 2018: Saudi Arabia converts Aramco into joint-stock company
Jan 5, 2018: Toshiba Dumps Westinghouse For $4.6B

Jan 6, 2018: Eleven Saudi princes detained following protest over utility bills
Jan 6, 2018: Prince Alwaleed bin Talal detained and released by paying
Jan 6, 2018: Trump says North and South Korea talks are result of his ‘tough stance’

Jan 7, 2018: Iran oil tanker crashes with China bulk ship, 32 Iranian crews missing
Jan 7, 2018: Rescue crews wrestle to tame China oil tanker fire; body of mariner found
Jan 7, 2018: Furious Trump aide assails book, calls president a ‘genius’
Jan 7, 2018: Saudi-led coalition warplane crashes in Yemen: Saudi statement
Jan 7, 2018: Syria and Russia continue to bombard Idlib province
Jan 7, 2018: Syria war: Russia thwarts drone attack on Hmeimim airbase
Jan 7, 2018: US Navy plane joins hunt for 32 sailors after Iranian tanker collides with freighter off China

Jan 8, 2018: Exclusive: Trump to call on Pentagon, diplomats to play bigger arms sales role – sources
Jan 8, 2018: Six South Korean Banks Get Flash Probe Into Cryptocurrency Exchange Ties
Jan 8, 2018: Cryptocurrency may be getting quietly channeled to North Korea university: report
Jan 8, 2018: U.S. military helicopter makes emergency landing at Japanese hotel
Jan 8, 2018: Jerusalem should be shared capital, UK’s Johnson tells Palestinian foreign minister
Jan 8, 2018: Goldman Sachs And Citi To Lead Saudi Aramco IPO
Jan 8, 2018: Russia, China And Iran Lose Interest In Venezuela
Jan 8, 2018: Iraq Bans Kurdish Firm From Operating Kirkuk Oil Fields

Jan 9, 2018: Yemen’s Houthis threaten to block Red Sea shipping lane
Jan 9, 2018: Venezuela’s Congress declares ‘petro’ cryptocurrency illegal
Jan 9, 2018: Update: Explosion on Iranian oil tanker Fourth day
Jan 9, 2018: Trump on North Korea during inter-Korea talk: ‘Who knows where it leads?’ 

Jan 10, 2018: North’s chief negotiator threatened to walk out
Jan 10, 2018: Iranian Nuclear deal: Iran could greatly increase uranium enrichment
Jan 10, 2018: Report: Sierra Leone-flagged cargo ship collided with Russian naval vessel on the Aegean Sea on Dec. 30http://Iranian Nuclear deal: Iran could greatly
Jan 10, 2018: U.S. concerned by Iran crackdown, ‘will not remain silent’: White House
Jan 10, 2018: Malaysia to pay U.S. firm up to $70 million if it finds missing MH370
Jan 10, 2018: Iranian warship crashes at Caspian port, two crew missing
Jan 10, 2018: Vancouver Group: China heaping scorn on North Korea meeting next week in Vancouver
Jan 10, 2018: Bloomberg: Vancouver Group meeting details

Jan 11, 2018: European powers urge Trump to preserve Iran nuclear deal
Jan 11, 2018: Attorney General Sessions sets up Hezbollah investigation team
Jan 11, 2018: Argentine faithful flock to Chile as Pope avoids homecoming
Jan 11, 2018: Iranian oil tanker drifts into Japan’s economic zone: coast guard
Jan 11, 2018: Trump to extend Iran sanctions relief, keeping nuclear deal intact: source

Jan 12, 2018: Thousands of Greeks protest over right to strike
Jan 12, 2018: Norwegians reject Trump’s immigration offer
Jan 12, 2018: Myanmar’s Suu Kyi says army admission on killings a positive step

Jan 13, 2018: China urges hotels to review websites as ‘country’ crackdown grows
Jan 13, 2018: Trump issues ultimatum to ‘fix’ Iran nuclear deal
Jan 13, 2018: Russia deploys more surface-to-air missiles in Crimean build-up
Jan 13, 2018: Netanyahu urges Macron to ‘fix’ Iran nuclear deal

Jan 14, 2018: Israel says destroyed Gaza attack tunnel under Israel, Egypt borders (Hamas)
Jan 14, 2018: A Chinese salvage team on Saturday recovered two bodies from the tanker.
Jan 14, 2018: U.S.-led coalition helps to build new Syrian force, angering Turkey

Jan 15, 2018: Ethiopia to ease tensions with Egypt over Nile dam
Jan 15, 2018: At least 20 dead as clashes shut airport in Libyan capital
Jan 15, 2018: Erdogan: we will ‘strangle’ U.S.-backed force in Syria “before it’s even born”
Jan 15, 2018: North Korea meeting to stress importance of sanctions: Canada
Jan 15, 2018: Denmark will increase defense spending to counter Russia: PM
Jan 15, 2018: Vancouver Group Meeting
Jan 15, 2018: Japan investigates how to evacuate citizens from South Korea in crisis: report

Jan 16, 2018: Netanyahu says Israel, India both face threat from radical Islam
Jan 16, 2018: North Korean nuclear weapons crisis at ‘tenuous stage,’ Rex Tillerson says

Jan 17, 2018: Juncker says would like Britain to rejoin EU after Brexit
Jan 17, 2018: Trump says Russia helping North Korea skirt sanctions;
Jan 17, 2018: Iranian oil tanker wreck produces two slicks in East China Sea: China

Jan 18, 2018: ‘Pyongyang Olympics?’ Backlash reveals changing attitudes in South Korea
Jan 18, 2018: Trump denial, Netanyahu clarifies remarks on timeframe for U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem
Jan 18, 2018: Six Chinese Ships Covertly Aided North Korea. The U.S. Was Watching

Jan 19, 2018: Kazakhstan calls on North Korea to follow lead on nuclear weapons

Jan 20, 2018: Turkish army shells Kurdish positions in Syria’s Afrin: military
Jan 20, 2018: China says U.S. warship violated its South China Sea sovereignty

Jan 21, 2018: China’s top paper says U.S. forcing China to accelerate South China Sea deployments
Jan 21, 2018: Ski lift: North Korea may capitalize on joint Olympics training visit
Jan 21, 2018: Saudi-led coalition to give $1.5 billion in Yemen aid, expand port capacity
Jan 21, 2018: Paris, London and Berlin will present a package of measures to the United State
Jan 21, 2018: Russia’s Lavrov says ‘unilateral actions’ by U.S. in Syria made Turkey furious: 


Jan 22, 2018: U.S. needs to pay attention to relationship with Britain, Tillerson says
Jan 22, 2018: French customs to hire hundreds of extra staff to cope with Brexit
Jan 22, 2018: South Korea says it will lodge a complaint about Trump’s new import taxes
Jan 22, 2018: South Korea rejects ‘Pyongyang Olympics’ criticism